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Buyer Inspection
New and resale homes inspected to current TREC requirements. All phases of construction inspected.  The earlier in construction of your home you can start the inspection process, the fewer problems you should expect.
I am here to provide you with not only a timely and comprehensive report on the property I inspect for you but also an explanation of what is in the report.  What I believe is more important than how the report reads is the information it provides to you.
My experience over the past 30 years in building gives me the insight into the “whys” that are predictable in real estate transactions.  There is no pass or fail grade for an inspection.  The inspection report is based on the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and addresses certain safety items that are currently required but, because of the age of the home, may not be present. The value to you, the buyer, is that you are advised of these variances prior to having to address them after closing.

Seller Inspections
Knowledge of the home’s condition prior to listing.  You know what to expect from the buyer's inspection report if the buyer chooses to get one.  The inspection provides the knowledge you need to correctly list your home and it gives you time to correct items that may cause a problem selling your home in the future.

Warranty Inspections
For homes nearing benchmarks in their warranty program - typically prior to the 1st, 2nd, and 10th year anniversaries.  These inspections are designed to troubleshoot items before the warranty expires.
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Serving the North Houston Metroplex